Took my first Hatha Yoga class

I took my very first yoga class today.  I must admit I felt more than a little out of my element.  I surreptitiously crept to the back of the room.  I grabbed a mat, a blanket that looked like it was for a horse/was wondering what it was for in the 90 plus degree heat,  and bolster pillow. I felt a little creeped out during downward dog where I felt like I had no personal space…was way too close to dirty feet.  It was a diverse range of people in this beginner class. Even some guys!  REPRESENT! One of the guys looked, with all due respect like Willy Nelson meets the Dhali Lama. There were rocks and bamboo and objects placed in the window sill. Is that supposed feng shui?  Not sure what that’s all about. I’m pretty good about deep breathing but everyone was doing so audibly. Found it somewhat disconcerting. I’m a singer so that concept of diaphramatic breath  is pretty much ingrained.  At my first voice lesson twenty four years ago, my teacher (Hi Mrs. Weeks!) made me lie on the floor with a dictionary on my stomach.  So breathing…no sweat. The tough part was getting my mind to shut up. I could handle most of the poses.  Was totally unprepared, in a great way, with how relaxes I was afterwards. I’m most emphatically not the new-agey, hippy type (not to categorize folks there).  I just don’t know if I buy into the yoga stimulating thryoid, stretches massaging organs etc.  I’m willing to be converted, but I have my doubts.  Still on the fence if I’ll do the training this fall. I’ve also been doing Pilates and I like the spine/core strenghening.  I know yoga would be really good for me.  Everyone tells me so. Also I can’t help but feel guilty that I’d be leaving our new son alone too much with the time it takes to do training.  More to come.


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I bring you….KITTY YOGA!!!

I don’t know if this is legit or not, but it sure is funny. That is all. ‘Nite.Cat Yoga…legit or not…you decide?

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Yoga baby steps…

Hello readers. It’s my very first blog.  Where to start. I’m short. I’m round. Both of my eyes are green and the rest is subject to change. I chase high school kids for a living and belt out ballads for fun. I have the flexibility of a stale pie crust.  I’m hanging by a thread to my late thirties. So you may ask…(go ahead, you know you want to) “Why in the world would a frazzled school psychologist opt to start a yoga teacher training program.”  The answer…I just sort of stumbled into it. Literally. A lightbulb went off this summer. My aunt is a yoga teacher in NY and she, well into her 60s is the most serene, vital, vibrant and caring woman of my acquaintance.  What better life change than to  follow her example? As luck would have it a yoga studio just opened RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. In September, me of the weeble variety will start my 200 hour Hatha certification.  It will take 5 months, one night per week and one weekend (days) per month.  I believe it will be a perfect way to learn to better manage stress, get strong and healthy. Also, I’ve spent most of my life in the theater/music world and appearance does matter, superficial as that sounds. I have in all honesty 25 lbs I need to lose. I don’t think I’ve been burning enough calories reading all the food/healthy living blogs in blogger land. Though I just tried my first green monster smoothie. It was great! So stay tuned for posts about my adventures in yoga-with some snippets from our on-going adoption process, my adventures in regional theater/music gigs, and whatever else seems fun/interesting.   That’s it for now!

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